2017 – New Year: New You or New Year: Same You – You Choose! by Sabrina Smith

As we draw near to the end of another year, let us take time to reflect on our 2016 accomplishments. How effective were we as stewards over ourselves, family, workplace, relationships, finances, time, talents, and other key aspects of our lives? I charge you to engage in this activity by grabbing something to record your responses to the following questions:

Self:  What actions did I take to obtain and sustain a healthy mind and body?
a. Spiritually
b. Educationally
c. Emotionally
d. Physically

Family: What investments did I make in my family to ensure their needs were met?
a. Emotionally
b. Financially
c. Physically

Work: What contributions did I make to achieve performance goals?
a. Personal
b. Team
c. Departmental
d. Organizational

There may be other areas you choose to evaluate, so feel free to add to the above. This list is a great place to begin your assessment. Let me provide you with a few guidelines before you get started:

• Don’t rush this evaluation
• Be honest with yourself
• Celebrate your achievements
• Recognize and take accountability for where you missed it
• Evaluate and reflect your results – then take a step back to plan how you will obtain, sustain and/or succeed your outcomes during 2017

I want to be direct in saying that this assignment is more than a performance evaluation and a New Year’s resolution. This is a life evaluation and personal commitment to a life-long journey of growth and development that will affect you and others around you. We are here to make an impact on this world, and that doesn’t occur by happenstance. It requires a continuous commitment to be better today than we were yesterday.

So, I ask you, will you enter 2017 as a New Year: New You or will you remain stagnant and enter 2017 as a New Year: Same You? You choose!

About Sabrina Smith

Sabrina Smith is the CEO and owner of Progeny1.Org. Established in 2016, her organization focuses on leadership development; particularly, the first line leader whose performance is critical to organizational success. Additionally, Sabrina executes continuous learning workshops that both motivate and charge participants to take action and accountability for professional and personal development. Sabrina is also a passionate, edutaining leader and speaker who delivers key note addresses for business partners.

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