Are you a Man-Ager or a Leader?

If you’re not sure, take the following assessment to get a clue:

How did you do? Are you looking for ways to challenge the list or challenge yourself? Take a moment and think about your stance. This isn’t about one or two items on a checklist. It’s about the impact of a set of behaviors that are pervasively causing dis-ease for the people we lead.

In an interview of Jim Clifton (CEO of Gallup) on May 9, 2019, he stated the following:

Clifton: It’s the manager. Period. Leaders everywhere in the world have a tendency to name the wrong person manager and then train them on administrative things — not how to maximize human potential.

I’ll add my two cents; I too believe there are misplaced man-agers in the workplace. However, I also believe in the potential of people. Man-Agers can become great leaders of their organizations IF they are willing to transform the way they lead. This often comes with gaining self-awareness and taking personal ownership to grow.  It also comes with the support and accountability of senior leaders to help them grow from here to there with their self and people leadership skills.

Listen, no man-ager is perfect, but each of us can commit to becoming greater leaders every day.



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