Workshop! -“2017 – New Year:New You or New Year:Same You – You Choose!” by Sabrina Smith

I hope you have carved out time to conduct an inventory of your accomplishments in 2016, and that you are ready to kick things into full motion in 2017. Taking time to reflect is crucial to your ability to live a successful life. I learned that if you are not aware of what you’re doing well you might stop doing those things. Conversely, if you are not aware of your growth opportunities you won’t know where you need development.

As I mentioned in my article, “2017 – New Year:New You or New Year:Same You – You Choose!” reflecting and annotating your achievements or misses is more than conducting a performance evaluation. The results should not turn into a bunch of New Year resolutions. This is about being true to yourself so you can be better for you, and for those around you. It’s about conducting an evaluation of your life and committing to the journey of life-long growth.  As Lou Holtz (retired football coach, author, sportscaster, and motivational speaker) so eloquently put it, “In this world you’re either growing or dying so get in motion and grow.” Well said Lou!

To help you kick things into gear I’ve developed a workshop, “2017 – New Year:New You or New Year:Same You -You Choose!” that will help people who have a desire to achieve their goals but need guidance on what to do.  Many people share mind space with their dreams and loud, clanging noises making it difficult to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. I’d like to help you with that. You will walk away from this workshop inspired and educated on practical steps you can apply that will chisel away the cement in your mind and get you going.  Most of us are great investors in other people. That’s our good-hearted nature. However, many of us make the mistake of not investing in ourselves. Let’s change this behavior in 2017.

For additional information about the “2017 – New Year:New You or New Year:Same You – You Choose!” workshop visit my Eventbrite page.

See you there!

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